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"Radio Consultant Joel Folger is the proven leader in Adult Hits.  He launched many of the most successful long-lasting Adult Hits Stations in America."

Jay Michaels - Former Program Director at KJKK Dallas


Yes, at Folger Media are known for our work in the Adult Hits format.  We are proud of our success in pioneering this revolutionary new approach to radio.  When you make that kind of impact on our industry… Positive notoriety is sure to follow.  We are the market leader in Adult Hits.


If you are looking for help in Adult Hits... Contact us.  Music, marketing, programming, talent coaching, research guidance... whatever is needed to make your station better.  At Folger Media, we work in markets of all sizes.  Contact us now us now and ask about our "ADULT HITS CORE PRINCIPLES" presentation.  Viewed by hundreds of radio professionals this presentation gives insights as to why some Adult Hits stations fail to make an impact or achieve long term success.


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Many of our clients come to us initially because they are looking for Adult Hits guidance… Soon they realize how much we can offer with our Market Wide Guidance.  Radio Programming Consultants at Folger Media have answers.


This is where radio consultant Joel Folger’s major market multi-format background comes into play.  This is where our research analysis tools come into play.  This is where we can help you “circle the wagons” and capture the most radio ground in your market.  This is where we laser focus all the stations in your cluster.


This is where we work with multiple members of your team to solve issues and create brands with clearly definable and defend-able winning positions.


We specialize in producing creative ideas to meet the challenges facing your stations cluster.  We give you the “big picture” perspective and more.


Market Wide Guidance.  It’s something we do very well.


Radio Consultant - Folger Media - Radio Programming Consultants, contact us now.




We customize our service to match your needs all the way up to total brand management including all aspects of your on-air product.  Marketing, talent development, research, imaging and a lot more.  We recognize each station has different challenges and competitive radio landscapes very greatly.


We are up on current trends and best practices of today.  Including the latest technologies and we are on the cutting edge of inventing/developing digital radio initiatives.




In the past 15 years we have helped launch over 25 stations.  With an eye for detail and an ever expanding “punch out detail list” we have you covered.  Timelines… imaging, we can be as hands on as you want.  Joel Folger once personally launched a station that went on to great success from a transmitter site in the middle of a cornfield.




Let’s get your music focused on your target demos.





Radio programming consultants at Folger Media have new strategies for a new day.  The radio business is changing at the speed of sound.  First you need a plan based on research followed by an honest market analysis.


The things you need for effective research:


1. The right questions.

2. The right sample.

3. The right interpretation.


We are experts in fielding and interpreting all kinds of radio research studies.  Auditorium/Internet library tests.  Focus group studies, weekly call out, format hole studies and more.  Thinking different is good… Thinking different and smarter is better.  When it comes to radio station research we are Mensa smart.




“When it comes to branding and station imaging Folger Media and radio consultant Joel Folger are the best”.

Joe Lang – Operations Manager Connoisseur Media Erie, PA



In a world full of radio sameness, talent is the “You can’t copy me key ingredient” for generating a major point of difference and dialing your station into your community.  Music and information is easily duplicated but your radio competitors and those pesky rodents in the digital world… They are finding it’s impossible to duplicate the best local talent.  The worlds most advanced artificial intelligence labs just can’t do it!


There are only so many hours in the day and too often the critical task of coaching/guiding/ helping talent gets put on the back burner.


Owners you know how motivating and keeping the right talent is critical.  General Managers you know what having the right talent can do for reaching your budgets.  Program Directors don’t be afraid to ask for help if you just haven’t been able get a show to the top.  And finally if you’re an on air performer and you know you’ve got the right stuff but you’re just not hitting your goals…  Help yourself and invest in your future.


Enter Folger Media.  We have a track record of making talent better.  We use positive motivational tactics while working with talent.


At Folger Media right now we have room to work with an additional two morning shows at a discounted price.  Let’s get to know each other.  Contact us about an initial free evaluation.



Tight budget?  A barter option may be available in your market.




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