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If your a local radio owner, market manager, programmer or on air talent, give us a call.  Let's have a confidential conversation to see if we can help you.  We promise after our call you'll have at least an idea or two to put into action now.  Contact Radio Consultant Joel Folger now.

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Folger Media has worked or is working with stations in these markets of all sizes and more.

Market Analysis


Backed by decades of programming experience...

Let's work together to  identify the best opportunity for your station.  Let's build a sustainable localized position for your station.  A  station with a winning point of difference.  Contact Radio Consultant Joel Folger now.

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We want to work closely with your team, serving as an objective advisor and creative catalyst.  We're plugged into today's latest radio technologies and trends.

Joel Folger is a "Roll Up Those Sleeves" kind of guy with a passion for real "Nuts & Bolts" - "Under The Hood" local radio programming.



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